Sunday, February 6, 2011

Game Day!

Here we are, another Super Bowl Sunday without the Cleveland Browns. At least this year we have a definite rooting interest since the hated Pittsburgh Steelers have made the game. Here are a couple of my favorite Packers.

Jordy Nelson is an exciting possesion receiver who reminds me of Brian Brennan. When he's going over the middle today, he'd better be looking out for Troy Polamalu.

Clay Matthews (Jr.) is the guy all of Cleveland will be rooting the hardest for today. I'm sure his jersey sales in the Cleveland area tripled over the last couple of weeks. His father was the heart and soul of the Browns defense during the 80's, and used to (maybe still does?) own a car dealership in the area.

The worst part of the Steelers making it is the inordinate amount of Steeler fans that live in this area. Does this happen anywhere else between feuding franchises?

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