Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2011 MLB Predictions

Yes, it's that time again! I will make my long awaited predictions for the 2011 MLB Season (this year with comments)! Don't blame me if I jinx your team this year! AL East 1.Yankees -- I think the rotation is fine. Garcia/Colon on the backend just feels right. 2. Orioles -- Two words: Buck Showalter. The Tribe would have a trophy if they would have replaced Wedge with him while he was an advisor. Two more: Wild Card 3. Red Sox -- They don't think Gonzalez will stay healthy, I don't think so either. 4. Rays -- The Maddon magic may wear off a bit this year. 5. Blue Jays -- Wrong place at wrong time. (Should have tried to take that NL spot the Brewers grabbed) AL Central 1. Tigers -- VMart was a great pick up, will help Miggy through his problems. 2. Twins -- Questions about Morneau health, can Mauer stay healthy behind the plate? 3. White Sox -- Although it would be fun to watch Ozzie manage a 100-loss team, wouldn't it? 4. Indians -- Just didn't do enough to contend, will be fun to watch these young guys. 5. Royals -- Love Royal Blue, not much else after that. AL West 1. Angels -- They don't stay down too long. There will be rally monkeys this fall. 2. Rangers -- Big rotation questions for me. Will miss Vlad. 3. Athletics -- Not enough offense to compete. 4. Mariners -- Could they shop Ichiro in July? NL East 1. Phillies -- Unbelievable Rotation, MVP infield. 2. Braves -- Will make playoffs. Think they could win 100. 3. Marlins -- Will regret losing Fredi to a division rival. 4. Nationals -- Young arms get healthy (Detwiler, not Strasburg) Riggleman one of the best skippers. 5. Mets -- How many great headlines will NewsDay get to print this year? NL Central 1. Brewers -- I've gone back and forth on this one all spring. I think they'll make the right deal in July. (Hate the Nyjer deal now though) 2. Reds -- They have to start hot. 3. Cardinals -- Distractions? Pujols is the only reason to follow the Cards this year. 4. Pirates -- Why not? 17, 18, 19 straight losing seasons? 82-80, you heard it here first. 5. Astros -- Hunter Pence will have a big year, but can't really carry the team that much. 6. Cubs -- Colossal collapse, Will be looking at 2013, not Next Year. NL West 1. Rockies -- Would like to see them in first by August this year, heck, even September. 2. Giants -- Buster-mania. 3. Dodgers -- No Manny? No problem. If only the divorce case would resolve itself. 4. Padres -- Didn't think they'd compete last year, no reason to think they'd do it this year, either. 5. D-Backs -- Still too many holes. Al Playoffs -- Tigers over Orioles Yankees over Angels Tigers over Yankees NL Playoffs -- Phillies over Rockies Braves over Brewers Braves over Phillies World Series Tigers over Braves Well, there you have it, I'm picking the Detroit Tigers to win it all this year.