Friday, March 26, 2010

Sad day for Clevelanders

Sad to report to the cardblogging community that The Professor Geoff Sindelar has passed away. Sindelar was always my favorite sports radio host as a kid, loving how he mixed in memorabilia calls, trivia questions, and would really let you stay on the line if you were making good points. My highlight calls were commenting on Bill White's rise to the presidency of the National League (which turned out to be prophetic, since I joined his fraternity at Hiram College and a future PC guy). And before a nationally televised game against the Niners, I made one of the worst jokes in sports talk history (I was probably 12 and I know my voice was still high pitched): "What is the favorite food of Top Dawg and Mighty Minnie? Chinese, cause they're going to have a little Rice in the Bowl." Sindelar laughed at that feeble attempt at some Browns humor, and a fan for life was made. I think my brother has the copy of Woody vs Bo that I won for knowing Greg Swindell was a Texas Longhorn on another call. A couple weeks ago, a host on KNR (don't know which one, they all sound the same these days) said he was going to plan a memorabilia show with Sindelar since opening day was coming up. I would have loved to have heard it. I'll always remember Geoff as a big part of my sports bringing up, and am saddened to hear of his passing.

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