Friday, February 12, 2010

Back in Packs!

Well, after years of being out of the hobby, I am Back in Packs! Look for my thoughts on collecting cards, breaking open some packs, looking at favorite cards, etcetera, etcetera... I am a big Indians fan, and my favorite Indian is AAAAAAAAAAAs-drubal Cabrera. I am really looking forward to collecting some of the newer members of the Tribe, as well as some older favorites. I have a good collection of Lou Whitaker cards from my own experience as a little league second baseman of the Tigers. On a funny note, when my girlfriend asked what I was typing away about, I told her my new baseball card blog. She groaned her approval, so I know I'm heading to a fun time meeting other collectors. I have certainly been inspired by some of the great blogs already out there, and will be adding them to the blogroll, and I hope I can be entertaining enough to be added to theirs!


  1. Big Poppa! I'll probably follow this. I've not collected since HS, but still have all my cards and now with a boy due to arrive any day (today is, literally, the due date) I decided that I'd like to get back into collecting so as to have that with him. I've officially adopted the Nats as our team of choice (couldn't see raising him a Yankees fan and Hannah is from Boston...) and look forward to following them and collecting their cards. Stephen Strasburg for ROY!

    Good luck w/ the blog...I'll check it out in between diaper changings. -toast

  2. Alright...nice to see you're up and running. Welcome to the blogosphere.

  3. Hey welcome to the "block" :) I am new myself (well new to blogging about this) and just came back in to collecting in the last month. Currently building my list of RSS feeds to read daily and will be adding yours. Hope to read lots in the coming months!